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Setup todo controller class

This section is primarily adopted from Step 4 and Step 5

Again we have omitted redundant parts and kept only needed code portions.

Let's create the file in our _todos package:

$ tree
└── TODO
    ├── todo
    └── _todos

2 directories, 7 files

And add our controller class:
import os
from .database import DatabaseHandler
from typing import NamedTuple, Any
from . import DB_READ_ERROR, ID_ERROR

DIR = os.path.dirname(__file__)

class CurrentTodo(NamedTuple):
    todo: dict[str, list[list[str, Any]]]
    error: int

class Todoer:
    def __init__(self, project_name: str) -> None:
        self.project_name = project_name
        self._db_handler = DatabaseHandler(DIR + f"/../{project_name}.json")

def get_todoer(project_name: str) -> Todoer:
    return Todoer(project_name)

We have added the get_todoer function to get back the Todoer object - it will be used in the actual CLI commands.

The next is to implement the task-adding CLI command.